Flexible and modifiable,
DC2GO is a T-shaped solution that can fill any data center need

Data Center Creation

Expand, build, and own data center infrastructure quickly and affordably with DC2GO. Protect your data all while growing your critical infrastructure.


Cost effective, secure, and local colocation from our flagship DC2GO unit. Take advantage of our competitive pricing, flexible options, and managed services.

Disaster Recovery

Standard and integrated redundancy makes DC2GO perfect for disaster recovery and operation of critical systems during any emergency.


DC2GO can easily operate as affordable, rapid, rugged, and functional telecommunications repeater sites and head ends.

Private Vault

Experience armor-clad security and privacy with DC2GO as a private vault. Control and limit access, protect critical data, and user privacy with our private vault DC2GO.

Research Cluster

Inexpensive and rapid, grow out any research cluster with DC2GO. Seamlessly switch from research computing to disaster recovery and critical operations during any emergency.

What is DC2GO?

DC2GO is a compact, mobile, IT vendor neutral data center solution that can be placed anywhere. Designed, built, and homegrown in Halifax, Nova Scotia, DC2GO is an innovative solution to the rapidly increasing need for efficient, secure, scalable, cost effective, and modifiable data centers.
As a turnkey mobile data center, DC2GO units can be built, customized, and deployed in a matter of weeks. Our solution enables any organization to easily create or expand their existing data center infrastructure either on site or in remote locations. DC2GO can be placed in virtually any location and is always transport ready for road, rail, or water transportation systems. Every feature of DC2GO is modifiable, scalable, cost efficient to meet all of your current and future data center needs.

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